Dogs I have known

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Bugle was an American Foxhound who followed me home once day when I was about 5 years old (no. really he did. honest). We were staying at my Grandparent's summer home in Rocky Point, Long Island. Unable to locate his true owners, he came to live with us in Brooklyn. My Father named him after the title dog in the movie "The Voice of Bugle Ann."

Bugle II was my sister's birthday present. This Beagle puppy was to be a surprise. My Dad and I drove to the breeder's house, picked him out and brought him home. Once home we put him on the living room floor and he immediately hid under the couch. We had him many years as we moved from Long Island to Brooklyn and then to Pennsylvania.

Tina was an German Shepherd/Collie who hung around the stables where my sister's horse, Matt, was kept. She loved being around the horses so much that her owners finally gave up trying to keep her home and gave her up. She became our family's pet. Tina came with me when I moved to Long Island after I finished college. She was the gentlest and smartest dog I have ever know. These pictures are of her taking care of a kitten my sister brought home. This kitten was eventually replaced by a Siamese named Mi.

Blood was an Doberman Pinscher whom I purchased as a puppy following Tina's passing. I did not have her ears docked, an unnecessary procedure banned in England. She was only with me for eight years. A vet misdiagnosed her reaction to an antibiotic as signs of cancer. The resulting surgery and treatment impacted her kidney function.

Trech was a mixed breed puppy adopted from the local pound by my son. He was a great friend, but was often getting out of the fenced in yard and getting into fights. He and Blood got along very well. She considered him her puppy and companion. He lived to be 16 years old. When his quality of life had seriously deteriorated (deaf, mostly blind) and after several strokes I had him put down. It was a very hard decision for me, but I owed it to my friend.

Ming was a Chinese Shar-Pei puppy bred by a friend. He bonded with Trech and as Trech got older and wasn't able to play, Ming seemed to look after him as a respectful elder. Unfortunately Trech's habit of getting out got Ming into trouble. One night Trech led Ming through the fence but instead of wandering as had been his habit, Trech laid down on the front stoop while Ming went wandering. Ming had never been out on his own before and wasn't wary of cars. I found his body a block away from the house. He went much before his time.

Godiva is a Chocolate Labrador Retriever who belongs my friend, Michael, in Virginia. She was purchased while Michael was living in an apartment but in the process of buying a house. It look longer to get the house than he had anticipated and Godiva needed a temporary home when she grew larger than the apartment landlord's policies toward dogs allowed. She came and stayed with me for a little over a year. She now lives in Michael's new house in Virginia happily retrieving 2X4's in her huge backyard.

Raz (January 1, 1993 - December 29, 2005) was a Pug who came to me through the Delaware Valley Pug Rescue Organization. Trech had passed away, Godiva had gone home to Virginia, and suddenly I had no dog. Raz was sold at the age of 6 years by a breeder in Washington to a woman in Philadelphia. Her new owner couldn't handle Raz's vocalizing and snoring. Raz and I did fine. She knew she was in charge at all times, yet is always tried very hard to please me. As she is got on now in years her eyes were failing a bit and she had trouble breathing when she had been running around a little. On Christmas Day, 2005, I noticed she seemed a little quieter than usual. By Tuesday night she was having trouble breathing, although her gums and tongue were pink. Wednesday morning I brought her to the Atlantic Animal Hospital in Bohemia, NY. They placed her in their hyperbaric chamber to help her breathing. The x-rays of her chest and neck didn't show any problems. A planned Laryngeal exam was delayed by other incoming emergencies to later that evening, and then to the morning of the next day and then to the afternoon. At 1:19 PM on Thursday, December 19th, the doctor called to tell me Raz had gone into cardiac arrest.
Her remains were cremated at the Regency Forest Pet Memorial Cemetery in Middle Island, NY. I placed her ashes in her two favorite sunning spots in the yard at home.
I miss her a lot. There is a hole in my heart.

Ariel is a Border Collie/German Shepherd who was a house guest for a while. She's now living with her owner in Barcelona, Spain. She is a very smart, affectionate dog. Ariel and Raz got along well once Ariel realized that Raz was the true master in the house.